Our Clients Testimonials, IBEX Systems


" Having worked with Ibex Systems out of Dubai, UAE on 7 Integrated Business Standards (ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 26000, ISO 27001, ISO 31001) to date, we have received the level of consultancy services that we had expected. Ibex's cooperation has been extended in many parts of these projects/modules ranging from assistance in documentation preparation to integration to short listing / successfully completing stringent audit requirements. We are pleased with our cooperation with Ibex Systems."

Anas Iskander
Director - HR & Corporate Planning
Gulf Bridge International

"They have changed my colleagues' perception that ISO Standards are not meant for Documentation, but an effective process management resulting improved business results. Thanks to Ibex Systems."

Eng.Ali Maksoud
Follow up Manager
MA Kharafi

"From Chaos to precise business functioning. They don't sell standards but share best practices for better business results.
Thanks to Ibex Systems"

Jacob Varghese
Director - Projects
Arabian Coast Contracting

"They taught us, certificates won't give results, but implementing Management Systems will bring in unimaginable results. Our perception on ISO and Standardization has been changed henceforth. Thanks to Ibex Systems"

General Manager